Ceramic vase with decorations from Thorvaldsen’s models on red background.

William Smith


1828 – 1830 ca.

cm. 40 x 13,8 x 13,8

Thornaby Pottery works, also known as Stockton Pottery Works and the Stafford Pottery, was the first of the Teesside potteries being established some 54 years before the famous Linthorpe Art Pottery. It was established in July 1825 when William Smith a builder of Stockton started to make brown ware with local clay. He started to sell this pottery and officially started his works in November 1825. He found the business very enterprising and so went to Staffordshire in 1826 to collect some professional potters.
John Walker Ord in his “The History and Antiquities of Cleveland” (1846) writes: “A patent for an ingenious combination of substances, forming an artificial agate marble, for mosaic and encaustic pavements, dressing tables was , ornamental floors, etc., has recently been found with the name William Smith & Co. Simple and elegant reflects great credit on the originator, Mr John Whalley, of the pottery.”


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